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8th Grade Activities & Fundraising Committees

More information about other activities planned for our 8th graders this year can be found below.

All students are required to actively participate in a minimum of 3 fundraisers to receive credit toward the DC trip.

Campus-Wide Fundraisers For The 8th Grade Class


Bagel Sales
These sales are held the first Friday of each month, October through April. Big Apple Bagels donates the bagels, which students sell for a minimal cost, along with some drinks.
Chairpersons: Leigh Ann Byrne & Meg Ryan
Other Volunteers: Peggy Fechtel, Ellen Beerman & Natalie Dorr

Yankee Candle Sale
Candle sale takes place in the Fall. Each student has the opportunity to sell candles to offset their individual cost of the Washington DC trip in the Spring. This is the only fundraiser that tracks and applies individual earnings to each student.
Chairperson: Paula Mack
Other Volunteers: Andrea Mindrum

Bake Sales
There are usually two bake sales during the school year. The baked goods are donated and the students work the sales. Usually held in November and February
Committee: Katie Caccavari, Anne Jones & Sheryl Palmer

Car Wash
There was one car wash in the early fall last year. The car washes are free but donations are accepted. 
Committee: Sheryl Palmer, Mary Brune, Therese Bower & Jennifer Vollman

Restaurant Events 
One or two evenings per year, local restaurants offer a portion of their sales from GA families toward our trip.
Chairperson: Jenifer Burt

Spirit-wear Sweatpants Sale
This is a new fundraiser selling approved spirit-wear sweatpants for all grades. An order form can be found to the right. Orders are due by September 29th.
Chairpersons: Carmen Brunner & Bridget Fesenmeier
Other committee: Keisha Jones & Paula Mack

Father-Daughter Dance
The 8th grade has been given the opportunity to earn the proceeds from the annual Father-Daughter dance.  The dance is typically held in February.
Chairpersons: Keisha Jones, Laura Browning, Katie Caccavari, Natalie Dorr, Chrissy Noone & Ellen Beerman
Events/Activities Held For Our 8th Grade Class
Junior High Hoodies
Hoodies are available for junior high students to purchase. The 7th grade version has its class list on the back, 8th grade has its class list on the back. Junior high students are able to wear these hoodies as part of their uniform. Hoodies are typically ordered at the beginning of the school year and delivered in late September.
Chairpersons: Carmen Brunner & Katie Montanus

2018 Scavenger Hunt
This is an activity for any students who want to participate in the Spring.  There is a pizza party to end the event.
Chairperson: Leigh Ann Byrne
Other Volunteers: Meg Ryan, Chrissy Noone & Ellen Beerman

Graduation Breakfast & Reception
The breakfast is held in the undercroft on the morning of graduation and honors 8th grade students with awards and certificates for their accomplishments while at GA.The reception is also held in the undercroft that evening, after the graduation Mass. Seventh grade parents volunteer to work this event, serving drinks, laying out the food and handling the cleanup.
Chairpersons: Angie Smith & Katie Hadnett
Other Volunteers: 7th Grade parents: Beth Green
Graduation Dance
The night of graduation there is a celebration in the Parish Center Gym for the graduates.
Chairpersons: Suzette Spears & Laurie McCluskey

Class Video
The class video is a compilation of pictures of all of the students and events throughout their GA years. It is played at the graduation breakfast in the Spring.
Chairpersons: Beth Underhill & Leah Yards

2018 Variety Show
All 8th graders are encouraged to participate in the Variety Show held the last week of school. The skits are filled with comedians, musicians, and other fun acts.
Chairpersons: Suzette Spears, Jenifer Burt, Shari Steinhaus & Holly Gundrum

Big/Little Breakfast & Activity
Towards the end of the school year, the 8th graders eat breakfast with their 1st grade "littles". They also make a little going away present for each other.
Chairpersons: Bridget Fesenmeier, Angie Smith, Katie Hadnett & Chrissy Noone

Graduation Program & 8th Grade T-shirts
Students create the artwork for the graduation program and the t-shirts. The t-shirts are given to 8th graders in March and they are able to wear them to school on Fridays through the end of the year.
Chairpersons: Laurie McCluskey & Mandy Oaks