Guardian Angels School

Peanut Policy

Food allergies are becoming more common and can be life threatening.  The foods most likely to cause allergic reactions are peanuts, tree nuts, dairy products, eggs, wheat, and shellfish.   In compliance with Ohio House Bill 1, which directs all Ohio school districts to safeguard students from peanuts and other food allergens, Guardian Angels School has adopted a new policy regarding the distribution of food products containing peanuts and tree nuts.  Homemade birthday treats may not be brought into school for distribution to a class.  Everything brought in must be in the package in which it was purchased with the ingredients listed.  Not only must the ingredients contain no peanuts/tree nuts or traces of peanuts/tree nuts, but the product cannot be manufactured on the same equipment that may have processed products with peanuts/tree nuts. 

While Guardian Angels School has adopted this new policy in regards to food allergies, peanut butter will still be served in the cafeteria.  Students are still welcome to pack food products containing peanuts/tree nuts for their own individual lunches.  Students with food allergies will continue to sit in a designated peanut-free zone in the school cafeteria.
We have a list of nut free snack suggestions from below.