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Camp Gaudeo is June 26-30, 2023

Save the Date: Camp Gaudeo is June 26-30
As we begin a new liturgical year, we’re hoping that you can mark your family’s calendar for our 9th annual middle school camp called “Camp GAudeo.” Camp is always an incredible time of gathering the youth of our parish, and we’re so excited to see what God has in store for June 26th-30th. Registrations will open in late January, but we are hoping that families can mark their calendars now and fit this week of ministry for current 5th-8th grade students into their future planning. We are also looking to expand to a second camp week offered on July 10th-14th (further details to come). Email Bradley Barnes for more information.
We are currently looking for high school students who are interested in volunteering for this event. We are typically able to offer 50+ hours of community service credit, and high school counselors participate in all activities for free! Register a current high school student through this Volunteer Application Form