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Guardian Angels is proud to have the longest running band program within the Archdiocese.  Students in the 5th grade make take Beginning Band to fulfill their music requirement.  There are no afterschool band practices.  Beginning Band performs at the Christmas Concert and at the Spring Concert.

Students in 6th Grade may also take band to fulfill the music requirement.  Black and white dress is required starting in the 6th grade when they perform at the Christmas Concert and at the Spring Concert.

All 7th and 8th grade band members will be encouraged to pass the five-part playing test to become a member of GA Band which meets after school on Thursdays.

Seventh and eighth grade band students are eligible for participation in the following junior high activities:  OMEA, District 14 Junior High Honor Band, Land of Grant Honor Band, Junior High Solo and Ensemble Competition, Large Group Competition, and the Cincinnati Junior Youth Wind Ensemble.  Eighth grade students are eligible to audition for music scholarships offered at McNicholas High School.

The 5-Part GA Band Test
Any student from any grade who has completed the first band book is eligible to take the GA Band test.  There are 5 parts (songs) to this test, and students usually pass them one at a time.  Musicians who pass all 5 parts of this test will be promoted to the GA Band and asked to meet afterschool on Thursdays with the band.  If this student is in 5th or 6th grade, he or she will be asked to play with the GA Band and their grade level band in concerts.

Students in 6th, 7th, and 8th grades may take chorus classes and be a part of the performing chorus group. The chorus participates in events outside of the school.
Spring Musical
Guardian Angels School presents a musical each year. The program is entirely after school and voluntary. Students in grades 5-8 may participate.
Music Boosters                   
Parent volunteers began the Music Boosters in 1995 to generate funds for school owned instruments and equipment. This group also supports music productions by volunteering during shows throughout the year.
Music Boosters would like to share the following links which demonstrate the importance of music education for our children.