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Library Days/Times

The GA Library is open every day during regular school hours. Please check with your child(ren) as to his/her library day/time. Please think of the responsibility of checking out library books and returning them as homework.

Student Information

Students in Kindergarten may check out one book each library day; if he/she forgets to return it when due, no book may be checked out until it is returned.

Grade 1 checks out two books

Grade 2-8 are allowed to have up to three books checked out at any time

Note: If any books are not returned on the day due that number is "subtracted" from the number of books that may be checked out, until the overdue book(s) is returned. Books for Grades K-3 are checked out for one week; overdue fines are not assessed for these grades. Grades 4-8 may check out up to three books each library day, with those books being due in two weeks (books may be returned before the due date if finished!). If a student forgets a book when it is due he/she may return the book when they return to school.

Generally, if a student has any book(s) overdue for 2 weeks or more and/or any fine(s) owed and not paid 2 weeks after being incurred, he/she may not check out ANY books until the overdue book(s) is/are returned and/or fine(s) paid. Students are given notice and reminders of this -  think of it as homework.

If a book is lost it must be paid for. If the book is later found the payment will be refunded as long as a replacement hasn't been purchased. If a book is damaged beyond reasonable repair (e.g., chewed up by the pet dog, glue spilled on it, the book got wet so that it is totally "warped" - these things have happened!) the book must be paid for if it cannot be put back in circulation.