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Admission Policy

Admission Policy


In accordance with the Christian philosophy and goals of our school:

  1. No student may be excluded from Guardian Angels School solely because of sex, race, color, religion, national origin or ancestry.
  2. Admission shall not be based solely on ability or achievement.
  3. Students who are not members of the parish and anyone, who in the opinion of the principal, seek admission to avoid desegregation are not to be accepted.
Criteria and Steps for Selection of Students
  1. Preference is given to students enrolled in Guardian Angels School as long as the registration is completed by the assigned date and family tuition payments are current.
  2. For new students, preference will be given to families who already have children enrolled in Guardian Angels School, as long as family tuition payments are current and registration is completed by the assigned date.
  3. Children of parishioners of Guardian Angels Parish are given next preference.
  4. Catholic children who belong to parishioners who do not meet the criteria of the Guardian Angels Parish Parishioner Policy or belong to other parishes are given next consideration if space is available and on a full tuition cost rate to be established annually. Final acceptance of these students may not be known until August.
  5. Students who are not of the Catholic faith may be accepted only if space is available and on a full tuition cost rate to be established annually.
Parishioner Eligibility for Access to Guardian Angels School

Wishing to specifically state the criteria for access to the parish school at Guardian Angels Church, we recognize the following requirements in accordance with Church policy:

  1. The family must have formally registered in Guardian Angels Parish.
  2. The family shall participate actively in the liturgical life of the parish. It is the expectation that all families will participate in the Sunday Eucharist each week at Guardian Angels Church.
  3. Families are encouraged to support the parish through offertory giving, in accordance with their means. To set up electronic giving, click here.
  4. Families are encouraged to participate in the parish through our many ministries. To see our ministries, visit and "Outreach".
  5. The family must pay tuition according to the established schedule of payments for each academic year as outlined in the school registration packet. Tuition aid may be available to qualifying families who apply.
Continued Enrollment of Students at Guardian Angels School

(in regard to tuition payments)

  1. Once a child is registered at Guardian Angels School, the child may remain a student of the school as long as tuition payments are current.
  2. For parents not current with tuition payments or registration fees, the following policies apply:
    • If by June 1, those who elected to make a full tuition payment have not done so, arrangements must be made with the Principal or the Business Manager in order to secure enrollment for the new school year.
    • If by June l, those who have an individual payment plan are not current with their payments, arrangements must be made with the Principal or the Business Manager in order to secure enrollment for the new school year.
Admission Exceptions

In accordance with Guardian Angels School policy, the school admission policies and priorities shall not apply to applicants who have been asked to withdraw from other schools, or who have become wards of the court, or who have been judged as having special recognizable learning difficulties or handicaps, including physical handicaps, not eligible for remediation by the basic school program of Guardian Angels School. 

Tuition Aid

Families who are registered, active parishioners may apply for tuition aid. The Private School Aid Service and a confidential committee provide tuition aid on the basis of need as determined. Tuition aid is not available for kindergarten or preschool tuition. All tuition aid information is held in the strictest confidence.