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A Blue Ribbon School Of Excellence
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Academic Excellence

Guardian Angels School is a 2007 National Blue Ribbon School. The Blue Ribbon award is one of the most prestigious education awards in the country. Schools have to follow a rigorous application process that includes a thorough review of curriculum, staff credentials, educational delivery and methods, as well as test scores and community involvement. While the Blue Ribbon status recognizes a school’s efforts to deliver the highest quality education possible, it also encourages its community of teachers, staff, and students to continue supporting and striving for excellence.

Honors Program
Guardian Angels School encourages each student to strive for his or her best in the classroom. Outstanding effort and cumulative averages are recognized with the Honors Program.Students who are in the 4th through the 8th grades are eligible for First and Second Honors.Students in grades 4-8 are eligible for First Honors if they have:
  •          “A” average for the trimester.
  •          No grade lower than a “C.”
  •          All effort grades are “G” (good) or “S” (satisfactory).
Students are eligible for Second Honors if they have:
  •          “B” average for the trimester.
  •          No grade lower than a “C.”
  •          All effort grades are “G” (good) or “S” (satisfactory).
When averaging the grades for each trimester, the grades in Art, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish are weighted according to the number of class sessions per week.


Principal Awards
Students in grades K – 8 who exhibit commendable effort will be eligible for a Principal’s Award during each of the trimesters. The following conditions apply:
  •          All effort grades must be “G” (good) or “S” (satisfactory).
  •          All subheadings under Behavior that Supports Learning and Catholic Values must not show an "x" in grades K - 2. There cannot be any negative comments on the report card of students in grades 4-8.
  •          Student does not have any conduct points.