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What they say about Guardian Angels


“I feel lucky I went to GA. There were so many things to get involved in—drama club, band, chorus, sports teams—something for everyone. The academics prepared me for high school. I made great friends at GA and we remain friends even though we go to different schools.”

Chrissy Graham, former student


“GA provides a solid education, good discipline, and focus. Having several kids through high school and college, I can vouch for it.”

Jim Hay, parent


“I like the sense of community. Since we are from out of town and do not know too many people, I will come across some random person I have seen around GA, and we go through the list of kids etc. and get to know one another.”

Joanie Donaphon, parent


“I appreciate the feeling of permanence and tradition. Families have attended GA for generations, which make up the character of the school.”

Phyllis Cramer, 1st grade teacher


“We like the discipline and principles of respect and character taught at GA. We also like the fact that our kids are surrounded by families that share the same faith and similar values.”

Greg and Ronna Clark, parents


“I like the close connection between our parish and school. We are one community with clear support for one another. I also like the constant involvement in service that goes on throughout the year educating our children in their Catholic faith.”

Anne Keefe, parent


“We believe the academics at GA are superior. They are a Blue Ribbon School and teachers and staff are dedicated to a higher learning and the smaller class size enables them to spend more time with each student.”

Julie Waldeck, parent


“GA provides a school and church environment that encourages student and family growth in academia, extracurricular activities and social settings that bond families and friendships forever.”

Mark Vogler, parent