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Did you know we have five AEDs on campus at GA?

Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs) on Campus
Did you know we have five AEDs on campus at GA?
We want to spread the word that we have these wonderful resources and be sure everyone is aware of their locations, especially coaches and sports attendees
Our AEDs are located in the...
1. Front Office, in an orange container, on a high shelf across from staff mailboxes
2. Parish Center lobby, mounted on the wall (outside the gym)
3. Gathering Space outside of the church, mounted on the wall, close to the stairs
4. Old gym, on the stage, up the steps to the right
5. Boosters has one they keep for the football season (in the concession stand)
If you are interested, the following link has a short video to familiarize you to the machines and their use: (Philips Heartstart) (4:18mi)
Heimlich Maneuver
The Heimlich Maneuver (how to assist a choking victim) training is a recommended training for everyone who works in schools. This is good for everyone to watch, especially those volunteering in the cafeteria. (2:01 min)