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Donate By Shopping

General Mills donates money to our school for each Box Top for Education we submit. These labels are found on many food boxes (including cereal), food storage boxes, as well as plastic cups and utensils. PTA collects these labels for the school.
Register your Kroger Plus card online and make Guardian Angels your beneficiary for the Community Rewards Program. Money raised through this program goes towards the school’s Technology Fund.
You can search for GA or use our NPO number, 80200. The amount Guardian Angels receives depends on the points our supporters rack up while grocery shopping. This program benefits our school but does not impact the points you use to redeem for discounts at the pump.
Remke's Caring Neighbor Program works similarly to the Kroger Community Rewards program. Now, in order to support Guardian Angels, all you need to do is link your Remke card to Guardian Angels. Go online and click "Register your Remke Rewards card" in the upper right corner (in orange font). Fill out the requested information, and choose Guardian Angels PTA - 1883, under Caring Neighbors Non-profit Organization. Please be certain you choose organization number 1883, and that it mentions the PTA. There is a school in Northern Kentucky with an almost identical name to ours. Once you have registered your card, Remke will donate 2% of your purchases to the PTA. It's that easy! As with Kroger, cards will need to be re-registered each year. 
If you do not have a Remke Rewards card, you can sign-up for one here.
Whether you shop at Remke a lot or a little, we hope you will take a few minutes to register your Remke card. If you have any questions or difficulty signing up, please contact Megan Roach. Thank you for your support!