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Tablet PC Program

What is a 1:1 Tablet Computer Program?             

A one-to-one program puts a Tablet PC in the hands of each student in the program. Every Guardian Angels student in 5th-8th uses a Tablet PC. The tablet is a laptop that also allows the student to write, edit, or draw directly on the screen with a digital pen. Documents, such as teacher handouts, can be annotated quickly, using any color ink or highlighter with the digital pen. With a tablet program, teachers are able to integrate the many software programs available to the various academic disciplines as well as having the ability to seize the “teachable moment” for spontaneous classroom work involving computer technology.

Benefits of Guardian Angels 1:1 Program

  • Organization: No need for multiple notebooks and textbooks. No more lost papers. Notes can be organized and searched, and students can keep a copy of their homework even after they have turned in their assignment.
  • Digital ink: Write, edit and draw directly on the screen with a digital pen while sitting, walking, or standing. Write quick notes without running a special program. Draw images, diagrams, formulas without the constraints of a keyboard and mouse.
  • Collaboration: It allows easy file sharing for group projects and multimedia presentations. Participation in online discussion groups encourages reserved students to have a voice.
  • High School Preparation: Guardian Angels graduates will be technologically ahead of their peers as they enter high school where 1:1 programs have been in existence or are being initiated.

The Tablet PC program operates in the following manner:

  • Students are provided a Tablet PC by Guardian Angels School through Cincinnati Public School auxiliary funds.
  • Tablet PCs are loaded and configured over the summer with standard software, textbooks, organizational software, etc.
  • Students & Parents attend an orientation and training session before the start of school to review and sign the PC Tablet Acceptable Use Policy and the Acceptance of Liability.
  • Teachers use Microsoft OneNote which eliminates requirements for hard-copy binders.
  • Students bring their Tablet PCs to school every day, fully charged.
  • Teachers control and monitor tablet use in the classroom using designated software.
  • Students use Tablet PCs around school using the GA wireless network.
The Tablet PC Helpdesk is available in Computer Lab A Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. for student and teacher assistance, as well as repairs. The Tablet PC Helpdesk does NOT support home printers, home networks, or home security issues. “Loaner” tablets will be available when a student’s unit is being repaired.