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Halo Bell: Enrichment

Program Details

The goal of Guardian Angels School is to engage and challenge each student so he or she can succeed now and in the future. We believe in guiding and assisting each child to reach his or her potential academically, socially, and spiritually. To provide challenge for all learners, we are adding an enrichment program, called Halo Bell, to the Guardian Angels curriculum.

For Students in Grades K-2
The enrichment program will come to students in kindergarten, first, and second grades through the form of another specialty class. This class will be taught by a teacher specifically trained in advancing students in the areas of problem solving, critical thinking, word analysis, and creativity. These skills will help students be challenged to their potential, setting them up for great success through their academic work and beyond.


For Students in Grades 3-8
Halo Bell is a dedicated class that allows qualifying student to enrich their skills, two to three times a week. The goal is to work with students on specific skills and to challenge all students in the areas of problem solving, critical thinking, word analysis, and creativity. Halo Bell takes two forms;  specific instruction time and project-based learning activities. 
Skills-Based Instruction is designed to support students on skills not yet mastered, based on assessments. For example, a fourth grade teacher gives a Math test on Geometry. Through this formative assessment, the teacher identifies a group of 20 students who need more support on plane shapes, 20 students who need help on solid shapes, and ten students who mastered all concepts. A structured time is now present for this specific, needs-based instruction to occur. Skills can be taught based on each group’s identified need. The group who mastered the skills can be presented with challenging and enriching activities that extend their learning. For most grade levels, this will occur two of the four days per week and it will be taught by the grade level teachers.
Project-based learning will occur for the additional two days a week for large portions of the school year. These projects will be student driven; incorporate problem solving, critical thinking, word analysis, collaboration, and creative thinking skills; and challenge every student at a pace appropriate for his or her developmental ability and personal interest. Teachers are currently discussing many creative ideas for projects in preparation of next year!

Students working with intervention specialists will do so during this designated Halo Bell time. This allows specialized instruction to occur without students missing any regular class time.